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Therapeutic Face Massage/Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage have been around since the 1800’s and are a completely holistic way to improve the quality of your skin! Both increase the circulation of nutrients through increased blood flow, which is vital to good skin health.

Facial Massage improves your muscle tone and is the perfect way to reduce sinus pressure and tension in the face including the jaw area. Working out adhesions in the facial muscles will improve the look of the skin while having a plumping, and lifting affect.

Lymphatic Drainage eliminates toxins, reduces, fluid retention, and decreases inflammation for starters! It also promotes cell renewal, improves acne, reduces wrinkles and is very effective as a pre and post surgery treatment to encourage faster healing and recovery. Lymphatic Drainage is effective at removing puffiness in unwanted areas while contouring your face in the places that need it. It’s a holistic way to achieve a natural facelift!



Therapeutic Face Massage

40 mins — $110

*Treatment of the Face, Neck and Decollete

For or All skin types, TMJ, Tension headaches, Eye Strain, Face Fatigue


De-Stress and Detox with this tension relieving Treatment!

Your journey begins with a Face, neck and decollate cleanse and a warm towel to remove impurities. An aromatherapy scalp massage follows to deeply relax your mind before you embark on your focused therapeutic face massage and encompasses the neck and shoulders. A combination of acupressure and lymphatic drainage is incorporated to promote detoxification, healing and an overall sense of peace. 

Lymphatic drainage by Hydrafacial™

40 mins — $119

*Treatment of the Face, Neck and Decollete


For All skin types, dark circles, puffy eyes/face, fatigued skin


For those of you who are looking to lift, contour, de-puff and detoxify your skin. Treatment begins with an oil cleanse followed by gentle, rhythmic movements to wake up the lymphatic system. A steralized glass Hydrafacial™ tube along with gentle suction is then used to perform lymphatic drainage on the face. Once complete, a second cleanse is done to remove any impurities followed by a warm towel on the face. An application of serums, moisturizer, eye/lip treatment, SPF and gentle rhythmic movements end this relaxing session.

First Time Client


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