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Welcome to a modern approach to holistic beauty with Osmosis MD.

Created by Dr. Ben Johnson, a Holistic MD, Osmosis MD is the powerhouse of non-toxic Medical skincare that combines the purity of naturally sourced ingredients with doctor-developed formulas backed by rigorous scientific and revolutionary results.


Everyone deserves a skincare experience that is healthy, not harmful. Transparent formulations, non-toxic ingredients, trusted results - that's our promise to you. Our unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole to treat skin conditions at the source, restoring beauty and wellness.


Our always clean, non-invasive professional skincare is clinically and scientifically proven to treat wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation/melasma, acne, rosacea, and loss of elasticity, with unmatched results!


What Makes Osmosis Different?

Our holistic approach:
  • Based on treating the whole-self

  • Focuses on holistically healing, not harming

  • Features ingredients essential to activate repair

  • Uses pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems

  • Treats challenging skin conditions

  • Clinically tested ingredients

  • Non-inflammatory protocols

  • Immediate long-term results with no downtime

  • Non sun-sensitizing and pregnancy safe

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The Infamous Osmosis Facial Infusion, is the first Non- Acid Peel that uses a patented pharmaceutical-grade delivery system to generate a 30 day collagen production increase which puts your skin into “repair mode” for 30 days! Incredibly effective at treating scarring and pigmentation with impressive results!

During the treatment, skin repairing ingredients are massaged into the deep layers of skin, hence the name Infusion. The patented delivery system makes this possible and will improve skin elasticity, diminish pigmentation, heal acne, repair scars/damage, and reduces inflammation leaving you with a brighter complexion instantly.

*All treatments begin with manual cleansing and include the application of appropriate serums followed by moisturizer, face massage, a hydrating eye/lip treatment and SPF using Osmosis MD Products.

Osmosis MD Facial Infusion targets specific skin conditions such as acne, aging, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. By penetrating several high-dose active ingredients into the dermis through liposomal delivery, there is no damage to the epidermis which makes this service unique. 

Osmosis MD Facial-Infusion Treatment (non-acid peel)

For All skin types, including Sensitive, Acne, Pigmented, Inflamed, Aging

60 mins — $129

*Includes Treatment of the Face, Eyes, Neck & Decollate *Extractions Included

The Skin Fitness of Facials! Treat various skin conditions with a powerhouse of holistic, non-toxic, patented, ingredients. The Facial Infusion is a professional strength retinaldehyde and is catered to your skin’s needs by adding powder actives, making this a TRULY customized facial! This skin healing treatment begins with a thorough double cleanse before an enzyme mask is massaged over the skin for gentle exfoliation followed by extractions, if desired. The Facial Infusion is then massaged into the skin while alternating with warm towels until full product absorption is achieved. A facial massage using a customized mask is performed for further product penetration and barrier healing. After this skin workout, you’re treated with a cool down using Osmosis’s Cool Skin tool to calm the skin and further aid in the repairing process leaving you with an instantly bright, plump and glowing complexion with continued results for 30 days.


Lymphatic Drainage by Hydrafacial™ $59

LightStim Pro LED device $49

Perk Eye Treatment $49

Perk Lip Treatment $39

Express Osmosis MD Facial Infusion

40 mins — $110

*Treatment of the Face, no manual extractions.

For All skin types, including Sensitive, Acne, Pigmented, Inflamed, Aging

*No Extractions/no Cool Skin Tool

Get Skin Fit with the core of the Facial Infusion!  This repairing treatment has All the essentials of the Osmosis MD Facial Infusion without the extractions. This is a mini version with a big 30 day end result!

Osmosis MD Facial Infusion with RevitaPen Pro 

For Wrinkles, Dull, Sagging, loss of Volume, Scarring, Pigmented Skin

60 mins — $159

*Includes Treatment of the Face, Eyes, Neck & Decollate *Extractions Included

Skin Fitness with a boost! Resurface, Restore and Rejuvenate your skin with the RevitaPen! This renewing treatment Incorporates ALL the essentials of Osmosis MD Facial Infusion while taking your experience to the next level. The RevitaPen Pro is a non-invasive devise that effectively creates a series of micro-channels using a sphere-shaped stainless steel tip. The device is used to exfoliate, soften the texture and push the Facial Infusion deep into the surface layers without causing harm to the skin. Experience the ULTIMATE in product absorption offering immediate results with no down time. Your skin will look and feel brighter, smoother, plump and hydrated with results continuing to improve for 30 days.


Lymphatic Drainage by Hydrafacial™ $59

LightStim Pro LED device $49

Perk Eye Treatment $49

Perk Lip Treatment $39

Osmosis MD Holistic Facial 

45 mins — $129

*Treatment of the Face, Neck and Decollete ,no extractions

Renew and Unwind! This treatment is perfect for those who want a little facial and a lot more face massage! Your senses will awaken with a double cleanse beginning with the aroma of cool peppermint followed by uplifting citrus. A delectable cranberry enzyme mask follows before your face is met with a warm towel hug. A therapeutic, face massage incorporating lifting, plumping and contouring massage techniques along with acupressure & lymphatic drainage provide that beautiful glow while promoting a sense well being and tranquility.



A relaxing, Osmosis MD skincare treatment for those who need to destress and detoxify. The Holistic facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, a customized mask and a therapeutic face massage including lymphatic drainage.


Lymphatic Drainage by Hydrafacial™ $59

LightStim Pro LED device $49

Perk Eye Treatment $49

Perk Lip Treatment $39

Osmosis MD Facial Infusion

In Action

Osmosis - Redness 1
Osmosis - Wrinkles
Osmosis - Redness 2
Osmosis - Wrinkles
Osmosis - Dermatitis
Osmosis - Scarring
Osmosis - Blemish 1
Osmosis - Blemish 2
Osmosis - Pigmentation 2
Osmosis - Pigmentation 1

Before and After

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